Wanang Conservation Area


Full list of research papers from the ecological research in Papua New Guinea
based at the New Guinea Binatang Research Center (in Wanang and elsewhere in PNG) is available here.

Here we list some of the more important publications related directly to Wanang:


International context for the Wanang Forest Dynamic Plot

Anderson-Teixeira, K.et al. 2015. CTFS-ForestGEO: A worldwide network monitoring forests in an era of global change. Global Change Biology 21, 528-549, doi: 10.1111/gcb.12712 [PDF file]

Carbon content in Wanang trees

Vincent, J. B., Henning, B., Saulei, S., Sosanika, G. & Weiblen, G. D. 2015. Forest carbon in lowland Papua New Guinea: Local variation and the importance of small trees. Austral Ecology 40, 151-159 [PDF file]

Spatial distribution of tree species in primary and secondary forests in Wanang

Fibich, P., Lepš, J., Novotný, V., Klimeš, P., Těšitel, J., Molem, K., Damas, K. & Weiblen, G.D. 2016. Spatial patterns of tree species distribution in the primary and secondary plots of a lowland rain forest. J. Vegetation Science, 27, 328-339, [PDF file]

Successional changes in Wanang forests

Whitfeld, T. J. S., Lasky, J. R., Damas, K., Sosanika, G., Molem, K. & Montgomery, R. A. 2014. Species richness, forest structure, and functional diversity during succession in the New Guinea lowlands. Biotropica, 46, 538–548, [PDF file]


Herbivorous insects in Wanang – how unique are they?

Novotny, V., Miller, S. E., Hulcr, J., Drew, R. A. I., Basset, Y., Janda, M., Setliff, G. P., Darrow, K., Stewart, A. J. A., Auga, J.,  Isua, B., Molem, K., Manumbor, M., Tamtiai, E., Mogia, M. & Weiblen, G. D. (2007) Low beta diversity of herbivorous insects in tropical forests. Nature, 448, 692-695. [PDF file]

Butterflies in Wanang, and how they fly through the forest

Vlasanek, P., Sam, L. & Novotny, V. (2013) Dispersal of butterflies in a New Guinea rainforest: using mark–recapture methods in a large, homogeneous habitat. Ecological Entomology 38, 560-569 [PDF file]

Butterflies in Wanang compared to other continents

Basset, Y., Eastwood, R., Sam, L.,  Lohman, D.J., Novotny, V., Treuer, T., Miller, S.E., Weiblen, G.D., Pierce, N.E., Bunyavejchewin, S., Sakchoowong, W., Kongnoo, P. & Osorio-Arenas, M.A. 2013. Cross-continental comparisons of butterfly assemblages in rainforests: implications for biological monitoring. Insect Conservation and Diversity, 6, 223-233. [PDF link]

Insect pests of the fruits and seeds of Wanang rainforest trees

Ctvrtecka, R., Sam, K., Brus, E., Weiblen, G. D. & Novotny, V. 2014. Frugivorous weevils are too rare to cause Janzen–Connell effects in New Guinea lowland rain forest. Journal of Tropical Ecology 30, 521-535. [PDF file]

Insect communities on Wanang vegetation

Whitfeld, T. J. S., Novotny, V., Miller, S. E., Hrcek, J., Klimes, P. & Weiblen, G. D. 2012. Predicting tropical insect herbivore abundance from host plant traits and phylogeny. Ecology 93, S211–S223 [PDF file]


Information booklet on Wanang birds

Tvardikova, K.: Birds of Wanang [PDF file]

Wanang bird communities and their sensitivity to forest disturbance

Sam, K., Koane, B., Jeppy, S. & Novotny, V. 2014. Effect of forest fragmentation on bird species richness in Papua New Guinea. Journal of Field Ornithology 85, 152–167
[PDF file]

Information booklet on the frogs of Wanang and other sites in the Madang Province

Dahl. C. A pocket guide to frogs of lowland forests of Baitabag, Morox, Ohu and Wanang Villages [PDF file]

Changes in the composition of frog communities between Wanang and other rainforest sites

Dahl, C., Novotny, V., Moravec, J. & Richards, S. J. (2009) Beta diversity of frogs in the forests of New Guinea, Amazonia and Europe: contrasting tropical and temperate communities. Journal of Biogeography 36, 896-904 [PDF file]


Information leaflet on Wanang Conservation

Wanang Conservation Booklet [PDF file]

Conservation in Wanang and other indigenous communities:

Novotny, V. (2010) Rainforest conservation in a tribal world: why forest dwellers prefer loggers to conservationists. Biotropica, 42, 546-549. [PDF file]

Another perspective on conservation in Wanang

Henning, B. M. 2015. Market-based Conservation in Melanesia: Contrasting Expectations of Landowners and Conservationists. Conservation and Society 13(3): 299-310 [PDF file]

Training of paraecologists for Wanang and other research and conservation
in PNG

Novotny, V., Weiblen, G. D., Miller, S. E. and Basset, Y. 2012. The role of paraecologists in 21st century tropical forest research. Pages 154-157 in M. D. Lowman, T. D. Schowalter, and J. F. Franklin, editors. Methods in forest canopy research. University of California Press, Berkeley. [PDF file]

Broader perspective on research and conservation in PNG

Novotny, V. & Toko, P. 2015. Ecological research in Papua New Guinean rainforests: insects, plants and people. Pp.71-85 in Bryan, J. E. & Shearman, P. L. (Eds.) The State of the Forests of Papua New Guinea 2014. Measuring change over period 2002-2014. University of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby. ISBN 978-9980-89-106-8 [PDF file]


Language spoken in Wanang: classification and analysis

Daniels, D. 2016. Magi: An Undocumented Language of Papua New Guinea. Oceanic Linguistics 55: 199-224.  [PDF file]

Paraecologist Training

Paraecologists: locally recruited and trained biodiversity experts supporting ecological studies, research capacity building and indigenous conservation in Papua New Guinea (and elsewhere in the tropics).

Novotny, V., Weiblen, G. D., Miller, S. E. and Basset, Y. 2012. The role of paraecologists in 21st century tropical forest research. Pages 154-157 in M. D. Lowman, T. D. Schowalter, and J. F. Franklin, editors. Methods in forest canopy research. University of California Press, Berkeley. [ PDF file ]

Schmiedel, U., Araya, Y., Bortolotto, I. M., Boeckenhoff, L., Hallwachs, W., Janzen, D., Kolipaka, S. S., Novotny, V., Palm, M., Parfondry, & M., Smanis, A. & Toko, P. 2016. The role of paraecologists and parataxonomists in leading citizen science into the biodiversity-rich world. Conservation Biology 30, 506-519 [ PDF file ]

Basset, Y., Novotny, V., Miller, S. E. & Pyle, R. (2000) Quantifying Biodiversity: Experience with Parataxonomists and Digital Photography in Papua New Guinea and Guyana. BioScience 50, 899-908. [ PDF file ]

Basset, Y., Novotny, V., Miller, S.E., Weiblen, G.D., Missa, O. & Stewart, A. J. A. (2004) Conservation and biological monitoring of tropical forests: the role of parataxonomists. Journal of Applied Ecology 41, 163-174. [ PDF file ]