Mt. Wilhelm - Research and Conservation Area


SafetyMt Wilhelm communities welcome visitors and look after their safety. However, no activity is entirely risk-free, particularly if enjoyed in remote and rugged tropical landscapes.

Visit to Mt. Wilhelm is at your own risk. The risks include malaria (Malaron plus Delagil provide good protection) and poisonous snakes (death adder, small eyed snake – not very common but present), both particularly at lower elevations.

Rugged terrain can be challenging at higher elevations, but does not require any specialized climbing skills. Getting lost in the forest is a serious risk so that the visitors must be always accompanied by a local guide.

A first-aid kit is available at the Numba station, but each visits should also carry a portable medical kit and maintain phone communication when travelling along the transect.

All visitors must have medical insurance (covering also emergency evacuation). BRC can assist in case of injury or sickness but cannot cover often very substantial costs of medical emergencies.

Self-explanatory, no caption needed…

Self-explanatory, no caption needed…