Mt. Wilhelm - Research and Conservation Area


Mt Wilhelm communities work with the following partners and sponsors:

  • New Guinea Binatang Research Center helps with the conservation and biological research.

 Partners: binatangi-research-center-papua-new-guinea

  • Darwin Initiative for the Survival of Species supports conservation-linked research and economic activities by the Mt. Wilhelm communities.

 Partners: darwin

  • The Christensen Fund supports efforts to connect traditional biological and cultural knowledge with modern science.

 Partners: christensen

  • Rainforest Trust supports the development of the Mt. Wilhelm Conservation Area.

 Partners: rainforest-trust

Our forests are studied by biologists from:

  • the Czech Academy of Science,
  • the University of South Bohemia,
  • Oxford University,
  • Sussex University,
  • the University of Minnesota,
  • the Smithsonian Institution,
  • the Natural History Museum of Denmark,
  • the PNG Forest Research Institute,
  • the University of PNG,
  • PNG University of Technology and the Goroka University.