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Our Centre brings together people speaking by twelve mother tongues and living in six countries from three continents. All staff members of the Centre live and work together in our main station in Nagada Harbor near Madang. The core of the staff is formed by the paraecologists and resident postgraduate (Hons., M.Sc. and Ph.D.) students. The associated researchers participate in on-site training and develop research programs for the Centre. Researchers and experts in other relevant areas form the Board of Advisors to the Centre.

Our qualified team members are grouped into different section that they are working in within our organization.

Prof. Vojtech Novotny

Research Director

Dr. Francesca Dem

Acting Director

Our qualified team members are grouped into different sections that they are working within our organization.

  1. John Auga - Team Leader
  2. Gibson Maiya
  3. Ruma Umari
  4. Austin Sau
  5. Steven Sau
  6. Roll Lilip
  7. Lui Napa
  8. Joachim Yalang
  1. Kenneth Molem - Team Leader
  2. Jonah Philip - Deputy Team Leader
  3. Byron Siki
  4. Absalom Paul
  5. Thomas Kuyawa
  6. Kiole Imale
  7. Lisa Paskalis
  8. Natasha Maiguo
  1. Salape Tulai - Team Leader
  2. Luda Paul
  3. Bonny Koane
  4. Mark Mulau
  5. George Dahl
  6. Samuel Jepi
  1. Redley Opasa - Team Leader
  2. Cassey Uvau
  3. Ben Ruli
  4. Shen Sui
  5. Cassey Uvau
  6. Shiennel Samuel
  7. Samson Hege
  8. June Mandawali
  9. Daniel Okena
  10. Gabriel Petuel
  1. Pagi S Toko - Board Chairman
  2. Chris Dahl
  3. Darren Bito
  4. Kenneth Molem
  5. Brus Isua
  6. John Auga
  7. Martin Mogia
  8. Miriam Supuma
  9. Leontine Baje