Doing research and documenting the research findings of biodiversity in Papua New Guinea is one of the major activities that we are doing here at our Centre at New Guinea Binatang Research Centre.

The New Guinea Binatang Research Centre is a biological research and conservation non-profit organization in Papua New Guinea. It specializes in:

    • Train Papua New Guineans in Biology on all levels, from field technicians through paraecologists to post graduate students.
    • Advancing biodiversity research in Papua New Guinea.
    • Developing educational and nature conservation programs, targeting grassroots audiences.

The organization has several research and conservation sites within PNG. These research and conservation sites are Kau Wildlife Conservation Area, Wanang Conservation Area, Mt Wilhelm Research and Conservation Area, Yawan Research and Conservation Area, Ohu and Baitata Research Areas.

New Guinea Binatang Research Center recognizes that plants and animals, and the ecosystems they form, such as forests and coral reefs, represent an enormous wealth of Papua New Guinea. As such, they should be protected and also wisely used for the benefit of Papua New Guineans. The organization is trying to contribute to this aim by several activities include conservation, education and training. Read more…

The organization started as a small research team in 1997 and has grown into a medium-size NGO consisting of over 70 staffs. BRC has a tradition of combining different levels of people with a best mix of local talents and international scientists in conducting cutting-edge research projects. Most collaborators are from Czech Republic, USA, UK, Japan and Australia. NGBRC welcomes any interested collaborations from anywhere.


Sections within our Organization

New Guinea Binatang Research Center has two major sections, Zoology and Botany. The Zoology section is grouped into three different sub-sections, Entomology, Ornithology, and Herpetology. Each section comprises of paraecologists, and locally trained para-taxonomists that actively participating in the biological research and conservation by doing field collections, classifying and sorting specimens into their respective family groups.

Our Partners

We thank the following granting agencies for supporting our Center, research projects based at the Center, or activities of paraecologists.

National Science Fountation, USA
Darwin Initiative for the Survival of Species, UK
Grant Agency of the Czech Academy ...
Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
Czech Ministry of Education
Otto Kinne Foundation, Germany
National Geographic Society
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the ...
John Swire and Sons
Steamships Companies
Christensen Fund, USA
Smithsonian Center for Tropical Forest Science