The Ornithology section at New Guinea Binatang Research Center has a primary duty to conduct field-based research of Birds of Papua New Guinea to address knowledge gaps and conservation of the avifauna in the beautiful nation of Papua New Guinea. The bird team, under the supervision of senior scientists and in collaboration with experts and institutions both within and abroad, is responsible for data collection, analysis and publication in peer-reviewed journals to dissemination of results in conferences, workshops, and various other media outlets. The data collected in the field are sorted and entered into a central database system. The sector also supports students’ training and supervision.

Current projects that we are collaborating include:

  • The Multi-purpose National Forest Inventory project of the PNG Forest Authority,
  • Postgraduate student internship
  • Bird nest predation, and 
  • The Silverback Films Birds of Paradise documentary

The ornithology team also assists with BRC’s other programmatic duties, such as community and stakeholder liaison, conservation education and awareness, assisting visiting researchers, participation in the weekly Kokomo and Taxonomy seminar, etc